Article Marketing – Introduction to this Lucrative Platform


  1. Great information Terry. I learned a lot with your breakdown of Viral Marketing.

    I can completely agree with the Wealthy Affiliate platform It is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It is 100% set up for you to succeed and their is more knowledge within Wealthy Affiliate than I have ever seen in one place before.

    I have spent years searching for the informational bits and pieces to try to put together an online marketing strategy and I had no idea it was all inside Wealthy Affiliate in one place, put into training that anyone can understand.

    Article marketing works, and you do an amazing job of putting it into words that we can all understand.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. Thank you Craig for your positive comments. I hope to post further articles on Viral Marketing and Articla Marketing in the near furure


  2. Thanx for your informative, well-written post Terry. I didn’t realize that article marketing was still a viable technique. I guess I’ve once again learned something new.

    I am glad to know that those of us bloggers who are writing ‘articles’ can grow our brands and authority by way of getting our work out there.

    I haven’t yet started using social media posting, since my site is still fairly new. Do you have your favourite social site(s) that you post to? Here’s hoping that somewhere down the road we’re both eventually able to experience ‘going viral’!

    1. Hi Shelley and thanks for your welcome comments.

      It appears that Article Marketing and Viral Marketing platforms and techniques are still alive and kicking and I, like you, can see the possibilities in the blogging niche.

      I am going to add further postd on the two important areas in the very near future.


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