Blogging for Beginners – Essential Tips for Your Business Building


  1. Nice and short article about begginer blogging. I really enjoyed reading through it as it was very easy to follow and everything simply made sense.
    Im not a beginner anymore but anyone that is new to this area of writing/blogging/marketing will be able to learn a few things from you. Good work.

    1. Thanks Dominik. I am aiming the blogs in this series in the direction of beginners but a positive comment from an experienced blogger is very welcome.



  2. As someone who is in the process of setting up a new blog, I was very pleased to find this motivational website. I am looking forward to more reviews that you are going to be posting about top affiliate programs. Thanks for reminding me to use my blog to inform, entertain and market to individuals and corporations alike, I hadn’t really thought about corporations reading our blogs, but as you say there is no reason that they won’t if the content is good.

    1. Hi Hilary and thanks for your comment. This is the first in a series of blogs I am hoping to write for beginners in the Internet Marketing arena.

      I appreciate your taking the time to share your welcome opinion


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