First Steps to Writing Quality Targeted Content


  1. What does it mean keyword rich content? Is there any suggestion on how often the keyword should be used within the article? It seems a little bit confusing to me as there are different opinions out there so I need your professional point of view. Some say keywords are the least focus when writing the post – and we have to focus on readers and write naturally. While others state there should be about 5 percent keyword density.

    1. Keyword rich content means having the keywords that are approprite for the niche you are writing about included in your post.

      The amount of keywords, ideally linked to the prodiuct or service you are promoting, is flexible, but as a rule of thumb, in a 1000 word blogpost I would normally include 5-6 keyword references.

      If you type in “keywords” or “keyword research ” in the WA search bar, you will find some training tutorials and videos which will explain this in more detail.


  2. Hi Terry,

    These days many online marketers produce content daily. But they just create content.

    As you said, when you focus on quality, you can get great results. I totally agree that you need to know your audience.

    Before start writing an article, I research for hours on forums and social media to see my audience’s opinion on the topics I want to analyze.

    Thank for sharing.

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