Build a Sustainable Affiliate Marketing Business – The First Steps.


  1. Congratulations to your first blog post! It ends a bit abruptly … I would instead invite people to follow you on various social sites, from twitter to facebook because a good affiliate is also an outstanding relationship person interested in not just offering information …. but mainly asking questions so as to discover what they can gain from associated themselves with other affiliates …. some of them may have more experience, know about products you may not familiar with, etc.

    WA is a training site and makes their money from membership sales. Your goal should be to learn how to outgrow it quickly and put a viable membership site in its place of your own … invite good people for free at first so you can keep learning from them by providing them with promotional support, then show your own members how to create value by providing suppoert to their own mentors to help them grow and expand under their guidance …. these positive relationships can grow into highly profitable major online projects when the process of value creation and sharing of important insights is being done on a personal level with honesty and trust.
    Best wishes,
    Franto Hruz

  2. I’m excited to see what information you’ll provide on affiliate marketing! It’s fascinating to hear about this lucrative business from all different perspectives; I hope it is going well for you and that you’re finding success! I’ll definitely stay tuned for more.

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